Platform update!

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We have been working on a few new things and we are happy to launch them in our latest update.

  • We upgraded the terminal to butterfly 3.1.5 – it is prettier 😉
  • We added a “private share” option – you can now publish your project and send a private link to a friend or a co-worker
  • We changed the privileges in Python, R, Julia images – you now have sudo rights to “make” for compiling custom libraries – it should be much easier to compose your custom image with all language and system packages
  • We put the “publish” and “packages” buttons at the top, as you requested!
  • The dashboard has a “running on top” option that filters your projects – the ones that are still running are on top

We also fixed a few things

  • Our IDE slowed down when it had to much output – now huge logs from your machine learning algorithms won’t have such an effect
  • The “closed connection” error when launching terminal in Julia and R
  • The drag & drop file upload to IDE bugs

Our last update also had a few things that you might have missed:

  • There are all new cards in the Explore page with better search and filtering
  • We added a GitHub login option
  • There is now a public user profile if you want to showcase your projects
  • We added support for python 3.5 projects
  • Python 3.5 along with the SciPy
  • We updated the markdown support in readme files and public project page

We have also switched do the new Meteor 1.4 framework so it should be faster 🙂   If there is anything you would like to use on our platform just send us and email or contact us on our facebook page.

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