PLON v1.0.1

We just wanted to give You the current update. We’re running v1.0.1:.

Last changes:

  • many improvements in IDE, more stable project loading
  • fixes and improvements in project publishing, some of you reported a bug: “Error while publishing project: fs” – now it should be fixed ūüėČ
  • bug fix in opening web ssh terminal – the password from modal was¬†not copied correctly¬†
  • tags autocomplete and dashboard loading were optimized

Future plans:

  • migrate from glusterFS to enterprise level NAS, I/O operations will be faster and we wiil be able to offer you more disk space for your projects
  • recently we have suspended access to Python 3 projects because it caused¬†some¬†problems, but now we are working to bring it back
  • we are working on new project templates for machine learning and computer vision, stay tuned!


Any questions or suggestions? Give us a sign at or on our Facebook page!